8 Ways Ibotta Can Put Cash Back in Your Wallet!

8 Ways Ibotta Can Put Cash Back in Your Wallet!

I love, love, LOVE this app! If you don’t know what Ibotta is, it’s an app that you can download to your phone that will give you cash back for purchases you make on a regular basis.  Ibott2

New to Ibotta? Redeem your first rebate within 14 days and get an extra $10!

My obsession with coupons and rebates drives my husband insane. I’m not sure why (I don’t even think he knows why). He ran out to Walmart today to pick up a couple of odds and ends… by the time I wandered into the kitchen to see what he was doing most of his purchases were already put away or being consumed by my little monkeys. I walked in on Fruity Pebble’s and Dannon Danimals Smoothies being eaten with reckless abandon (these were not on the list by the way) and in the corner by the garbage can I spotted a balled up piece of paper. The Walmart receipt!!! I casually picked it up and calmly began to smoothe it out when I got the sideways glance and the, “What are you doing?!?!?” I smiled and muttered, “Looking for rebates.” I didn’t have to turn around to know that he was rolling his eyes at me. But that sugary cereal and yogurt purchase plus the “any item” rebate got me $1.60 back in rebates! Now $1.60 may not seem like a lot. And it’s not until you add it to the rebates I’ve already redeemed. Walmart Receipt

Drum roll please… $156.15 since I started using Ibotta.


1.  This is how Ibotta works:

  • Find Rebates

Before you shop, add rebates on great products by completing simple tasks.

  • Go Shopping

Buy the products you selected at any participating store. Don’t forget your receipt!

  • Redeem

Redeem your rebates by taking a photo of your receipt. Ibotta will match the items you bought to the rebates you selected and give you the cash!

  • Get Cash

Your cash will be deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours.

You cand send a receipt from 309 supported stores! I send in my receipts from Walmart and Target on a weekly basis. If you aren’t already on the Ibotta train, now is the time to jump on. They are making it even easier to earn cash back by redeming rebates!

2.  Ibotta will sync with many of  your store loyalty cards!

Ibotta is trying to move to a more streamlined model by syncing up with your store’s loyalty card program.

Stores who’ve signed on with Ibotta and integrated Ibotta technology with their in-house loyalty programs include: Rite Aid, Food Lion, Weis, Giant Eagle, Lowes Foods, Redner’s Market, Raley’s and more.  My Shop ‘N Save and Giant Eagle cards are linked.

  • Link Your Store Loyalty Account

Choose one of their Preferred Partners and connect either your loyalty card or your phone number.

  • Find Rebates

Before you shop, add rebates on great products by completing simple tasks.

  • Go Shopping

Use your loyalty card or phone number at check out and they take care of the rest!

  • Get Cash

Your cash back will be deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours. Easy Peasy!

3.   Best Buy and Walmart use QR codes to track your purchase!

To redeem Ibotta offers at Walmart or Best Buy, first unlock the rebates you intend to purchase, then pull up a QR code and scan your phone at checkout. Your purchase info is automatically sent to Ibotta and your account will be credited in the amount of each rebate in about 24 hours.

Instead of snapping a photo (or multiple photos) of your entire receipt when redeeming offers from Walmart, just scan the QR code on the bottom after purchase and watch your account total rise. You’ll still need to scan individual product UPCs to unlock products, however. Or select the rebates you plan on purchasing from the app.

Note: Unlike Best Buy’s QR code that requires action from you at at checkout, you don’t have to touch Ibotta until after you receive your receipt.

4.  Offers can be ‘unlocked’ for purchases up to a week old.

Ibotta users shouldn’t throw away their receipts for at least one week. Retailers that don’t require QR code at checkout or loyalty card sync, allow you to upload receipts up to a week old. If you purchased Breyers icecream 6 days ago at Target and a new rebate becomes available today, you can still upload that receipt and earn cash back!

Your receipt must be submitted within 7 days of printed receipt date. Multiple submissions of receipts older than one week may result in account deactivation.

New Ibotta offers go live every Wednesday!!!

The best time to look for new offers is on Wednesday afternoon, when the bulk of new rebates hit Ibotta. Check back on Thursdays, as new offers keep trickling down for the first 24 hours.

5.  Mobile In-App Purchases

  • Find Rebates

Before you shop, browse cash back offers from top apps.

  • Launch App

Tap on the Shop button from the Ibotta app.

  • Go Shopping

Make a qualifying purchase in a participating app.

  • Get Cash

That’s it! You’ll receive a confirmation shortly that the rebate is pending. I just tried Boxed for the first time. Ibotta is offering a $7 bonus with your order. Shipping was free because it was the first time I placed an order with them. They also offered 10% rebate! Sign up now!

Top Apps: Booking.com, Hotels.com, Jet, Boxed, iTunes, Groupon and more!!!

100% of your Ibotta earnings can be transferred to PayPal or Venmo as soon as you’ve earned $20. If you’d rather convert your earnings into a gift card, you can do that, too. Giftcards include Best Buy, Amazon, Starbucks and more.

6.  Teamwork

The bigger your team, the faster you earn. Sign up using Facebook and your friends will automatically join your team.  The more friends on your team, the easier it is to earn your Teamwork bonuses each and every month.

7.  Bonuses

Get extra cash back with Bonuses – a fun and easy way to pile on the earnings. Buy featured products, redeem items at specific retailers, or complete certain tasks, and you’ll earn Bonuses. They are adding them all the time so check the Bonus section of your app for details!

8.  Invite Friends

Invite friends to join Ibotta and earn cash! You’ll get $5 for each friend who signs up with your referral code and earns their $10 Welcome Bonus.  For a limited time, get extra bonuses as you invite more friends.  Earn a total of $20 for two successful referrals, $50 for the next five, and $100 for every 10 after that. Won’t you be my friend???



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2 thoughts on “8 Ways Ibotta Can Put Cash Back in Your Wallet!”

  • Awesome tips! I use Ibotta, but not effectively. I’m going to add a task to my Wednesday’s –> Review Ibotta offers!

    • I fall in and out of habit but now I’m committed to $20 in rebates/cash out a month ($240 a year). I’m using it regularly now and it’s really starting to pay off! You should check out the boxed rebate. You get 10% back in what you spend plus a$7 rebate for signing up AND your first order ships free! So even if you aren’t looking to restock your pantry, you could purchase something small (that you were planning on buying anyway) and basically get it for free after rebates!!!

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