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Cooking meals at home can be daunting — there’s the time it takes, the shopping and planning involved, as well as the cooking itself. I have picky eaters who also get sick of eating the same old things all the time. It’s a real challenge. We used to just order out a lot but when I really sat down to see where our money was going I found our food costs were astronomical! I needed to plan better. We needed to stop wasting so much and the first thing we needed to really do was curb the take out.

My oldest moved back home a little over a year ago to “figure things out”with a fluctuating work schedule, my husband is a meat and potatoes guy, my 5 – year-old doesn’t do vegetables and just announced that he no longer likes fruit, the  2-year old will eat anything. Literally anything. Pretty sure he just ate a canister of red Play-doh… the baby is just starting pureed foods. I’ve got lots of scheduling and menu conflicts as well as a limited amount of time since I primarily work from home in the evenings. The entire decision-making process can be enough to send me to take-out menus and drive-thru before I even step into the kitchen. Which is how we got into this predicament to begin with… I solved my grocery shopping dilemma (too many kids, not enough room in the cart) by the shop online pick up the completed grocery order. But I was still buying the same groceries to make the same boring meals. How do I get my family to try something new without costing an arm and a leg? How do I keep the waste down? Where do I go to get new ideas and then find the time to shop or place an order for all the right ingredients and do I need so much if the recipe doesn’t go over well? It made sense for me to try the prepare-at-home meal delivery services. Instead of all those decisions, I get to choose from a selection of available meals online, the ingredients are portioned for me and shipped to me with a recipe. All I do is open a box and follow instructions. Why not? I decided to test out some of the top companies. I’d sign up for the trial period and only order 2 portion meals. At least 1 adult will eat a meal and the little ones can split the other.  I always have plenty of beef and chicken in the freezer so I can always alter a recipe or two using what I have on hand to feed the whole family. Let’s see if I can convince my husband! Challenge accepted.

I decided to go with Home Chef first. Primarily because they offered $30 off my first order and by signing up through my Swagbucks offers I got 2,000 points (the equivalent of $20). My first order for 2 meals/2 portions each came out to $19.98. So not only did I basically get 4 meals but I made $.02. It cost me NOTHING! If you refer friends, you’ll get $30 credit for future meals too!

So far so good!

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