Home Chef – Round One

Home Chef – Round One

So as I’ve said earlier, we are a family of 6 with at least 2 really picky eaters and one that isn’t quite ready to start this crazy food adventure (Izzy is only 7 months old). I thought this would be fun and would add some variety to our otherwise boring weekday meals.

Look what came today!!!

I’ll be trying the first meal tomorrow. The box came insulated with plenty of ice packs. It even came complete with a little binder to save the recipes. I’m really excited and so far I think this is a great option.

Check back for pictures and a review of the Butter-Roasted Chicken recipe. Will my husband even attempt to eat it? We’ll find out tomorrow!

The Ingredients:

Butter Roasted Chicken Ingredients


Update: 2/17/2017

After 48 minutes of prepping and cooking and listening to my husband grumble… the dog thoroughly enjoyed an expertly prepared chicken breast. I’m waiting for the 21 year-old to come home and eat but I have to put this in the loss column. It wasn’t terribly difficult. It turned out exactly the way it was meant to. I just live with house of picky eaters and it wasn’t worth the time and effort. I may prepare our skinless/boneless chicken breasts like this in the future because I really enjoyed the sauce and it was a different way to prepare chicken than I typically do. But other than me and my oldest son, no one else appreciates Brussels sprouts and they all complained about the smell.

The finished product:

Butter Roasted Chicken

At least it looked nice…

Update: 2/21/2017

I made the burger…I didn’t write about it right away because my excitement is already waning. I feel awful but my family is too boring for these recipes and too much is going to waste. My husband, initially excited about the prospect of a burger, didn’t consider this a “burger”. He would prefer semi-raw meat on a “regular” bun with cheese and ketchup. Not the “gourmet” burger on a pretzel bun. My oldest doesn’t like cheese or onions and the younger boys wouldn’t even consider it as they were already influenced by their father’s reaction. I ended up using the leftover mushrooms and some of the onion in my omelet this morning and some of the onion in the pierogies I had for dinner tonight. The left over arugula, tomato, and onion made a nice little salad. I’m guessing I could choose a steak meal or even pork chops and reserve the “fancy” sauce for me/my plate but it just seems like too much work for just me and too much will go to waste. I may revisit this option when I decide to fully embrace my diet. The portions are right and they offer vegetarian dishes (which I prefer). The kids could try it a

nd I’d have perfectly portioned, well balanced lunch/dinner for a couple of days.

I’m going to look at next week’s menu and possibly try out the “next” home delivery option but I’m not feeling too optimistic at this point.

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