Make Money From Home

Make Money From Home

Years ago I found myself struggling as a single mom with one income and inconsistent child support.  My son wanted to play hockey and I wanted him to have all the things his friends had and not feel like he was missing out on material things because his father wasn’t always around.  It was hard enough to be a boy without a steady father figure.  I wasn’t comfortable leaving him home alone at night to work a second job and finding a sitter meant that what little extra money I could bring in would only go back into paying the sitter.  I was in a tough spot.  That’s when a friend of a friend introduced me to Telemarketing.

I bought a second-hand computer from Ebay and a phone with a headphone jack at Walmart and  a headset at OfficeMax on the clearance table.  Total investment: $113. After interviewing (over the phone) and taking some simple tests (online) along with a background check I was working in the evenings (in my bedroom in pajamas) taking phone calls and orders for the infomercials you see on TV.

If you have a quiet space in your home and can meet the minimum requirements: an up to date computer with virus protection and a phone with head set, you are well on your way to an income working from home taking calls.  The last company I contracted for was LiveOps.

LiveOps agents take calls for a wide variety of different programs and companies and the calls vary for each opportunity. I encourage you to review the Agent Opportunities pages to learn more about the different call types available, and then determine which one is the best match for your skill set. Once you are an agent, you can choose to expand your business by exploring additional opportunities that appeal to you.

You can read more about them and apply for a job by clicking this link: LiveOps

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. Adding these links helps us keep the lights on , which makes it a lot easier to continue to share great opportunities as I discover them!

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