Moana Birthday Party

Moana Birthday Party

My baby girl is turning one!!!! I will admit that I was planning her first birthday within 15 minutes of her birth. Every day the Pretty Princess Tea Party board I had created on Pinterest had grown by several more pins. I began to wonder if there was a limit. Would I have to create a second board to house all of the wonderful pink and gold AWESOMENESS?!?!? I would wake in the middle of the night and reach for my iPad. Was there something princess I may have missed??? Dates, times, menus, custom beverages….

I could hardly contain my excitement A girl!!!! Oh my God!!! I have a girl!!!!

Fast forward 9 months later…

My precious Princess Isabella discovered Moana in all her island glory and the fun loving antics of Maui.

Moana party it is!!!!

Back to the Pinterest drawing board.

After combing Pinterest for several weeks and watching YouTube tutorials, the day finally came! Welcome to our Moana inspired party!!!!

The forecast was calling for 90% rain and thunder storms… I was devastated but refused to give up on our outdoor Moana inspired party so I soldiered on. By some miracle the weather turned out PERFECT! It rained in the morning but not before my husband set up the tent. Then by early afternoon the sun came out and the everything turned out just how I had hoped.

There was a nice little breeze but living on a hill the mild breeze turns into windy havoc.  I eventually gave up on covering the tables or decorating inside the tent.  The 10×20 tent I purchased from Amazon actually had sides/walls but the wind prevented us from using those as well. Turns out that the tent provided adequate shade without them and since it didn’t rain we weren’t struggling to stay dry either.
I borrowed some extra tables and chairs from family and friends (I purchased a 10 pack of chairs from Amazon and 3 folding banquet tables on sale from Target). Our decorations mostly came from Oriental Trading (my “go to” for birthday parties).  The pink napkins, cake plates and pink organza runners were left over from Izzy’s baptism. The cute metal flatware baskets were also reused from her baptism (originally purchased from Target). I found a great YouTube video tutorial that helped me create my Pinterest inspired balloon ocean wave and the green island (I ran out of time and didn’t get to make my balloon flowers). The balloons were strung together with fishing line and cost  just under $10!!!! Balloon Wave
The Menu:  My brother roasted a pig.  My best friend and my husband’s aunt helped assemble shish kabobs while my husband captained the grill for additional burgers and hot dogs. It was a fun family style cookout and since the weather held up it’s end of the bargain the kids had a blast playing in all the water themed activities. We kept the food inside in case of rain and because of the heat (certainly didn’t want the cake to melt) The 2 tiered cake came from Walmart bakery and the Moana action figures were purchased as a play set from Target. The cake was actually a safari theme but I asked the bakery to omit the kit (the plastic animals) in order to alter the cake and create the Moana theme you see here. I think it turned out great!!!

Cake 2

I made cake pops, cookies, and candy (bright colored flowers, leaves, swirls and seashells) which garnished the cookie plates and helped create my version of the Kakamoras. I found the perfect abstract candy mold that made a swirl that almost perfectly matched the Heart of Te Fiti! I just made little round sugar cookies, iced them with green icing and set the candy on top.

Heart of Te Fiti.jpg

I cant decide which I like better… the Kakamoras, the Heart of Te Fitis, or Maui’s fish hooks… my sweet niece came over the night before to help decorate the cookies. Without her and the little assembly line we created, I’d probably still be decorating those darn things!

My biggest splurge was the Kona Ice truck. I booked them to come and serve our guests shaved ice. (I only wish I had the foresight to provide rum for the adults because after all this preparation I could have used an adult beverage. Ha!)

The Entertainment:  We projected the movie on the wall next to the cake table because I couldn’t have a Moana party without the movie…

Moana Movie

The blow up bounce house/slide/pool was purchased 3 years ago and it’s still going strong, I found the “Bunch O Balloons” on sale at Target ($7.10 for 100). 100 balloons in 60 seconds just like advertised!  My mother-in-law gifted the Slip ‘N Slide and and the biggest bubble maker I have ever seen to top off the atmosphere and activities.

I didn’t  get a picture of the water “blob” during the party, which was our earlier summer purchase (on sale at Target). I’ll post a video of that later. It’s pretty cool though. It’s like a gigantic water bed with sprinklers that the kids had tons of fun with (not sure how I missed that photo opportunity).

The Favors:  After a little trial and error I found the best recipe for homemade bath bombs and that’s what we gave out. “Thanks for making my birthday the bomb!” It was something useful that the kids just love.

Bath Bombs
See previous blog post on how to make these homemade bath bombs!

It was the perfect day and the perfect party for the most perfect little girl! And now I am going to take a nap!

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