PJ Masks Party

PJ Masks Party

Jackson fell in love with PJ Masks this year. After all he does have “Super Cat Speed” and “Super Gekko Muscles”! He wanted a PJ Mask birthday.

I found so many free printables online! I cut out Masks and attached them to ballooons. They doubled as decorations and treats for the kids.

I’ve decided to steer away from the little treat bags. I honestly feel like they are a waste of money (for us). I end up filling little bags with a bunch of little junky toys that the kids don’t really want and end up broken or thrown away shortly after the party. I’m looking for alternative ideas and options. If you have any ideas or want to share what you’ve done, please share!!! That being said, I attempted a Pinterest twist on a piniata and ended up using the cheap junky toys here because that’s what worked. Oh well!

The balloon sticks and crazy long balloons were purchased from Amazon.

The cupcake tower, table cloths, napkins, and plates came from Oriental Trading.

The Banner was ordered from Build A Sign.

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