Pregnant at 40!

Pregnant at 40!

Originally this blog was supposed to document my weight loss journey at the ripe old age of forty with my two toddlers in tow.  But that was before we found out we were pregnant AGAIN!

To be fair, we decided 8 months ago that we would “leave it in God’s hands”.  If we were blessed with another baby before I turned 40 we would be ecstatic.  If it didn’t happen then we would close that chapter of our lives and focus on potty training our youngest and embrace the end of the baby years.

I made friends and family promise to slap me if I got that look in my eye like maybe just maybe I could do this one more time… so maybe that’s why I didn’t broadcast we were trying.  Maybe I was afraid of the comments I would get.  I definitely have my hands full and I’m certainly not getting any younger… And I swore we were done after our last pregnancy.

Our last pregnancy was complicated and the delivery was stressful but the pure joy our son is makes all of that a blur and totally worth it.  Maybe if he wasn’t such a perfect baby and an amazing, loving, and happy toddler I wouldn’t have considered it.  Maybe if his 3-year-old brother wasn’t such an wonderful and entertaining “helper” I wouldn’t think I could handle more.  I realize how blessed I am.  And maybe I shouldn’t tempt fate but my husband and I have so much love to give that why shouldn’t we have one more?

I silently prayed, wished, and hoped every month.  Every month I would wait expectantly for a plus sign and every month I would feel a little sadder but a little closer to accepting our family was complete.  My oldest son had just moved back home and all of our bedrooms now had occupants but I couldn’t help but hope each month for a positive pregnancy test.  I was just about to give up hope when we finally got the news I had been praying for.

So for one last time (and this time I really mean it) we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of another little miracle.

Stay tuned…

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