Super Cute Valentine’s Treats

Super Cute Valentine’s Treats

6 years of pre-school Valentine’s treats… that is what I’m going to need… Brandon will be celebrating his last year in pre-school this year. Jackson will start pre-school next year and after he moves on to kindergarten our little Isabella will be starting preschool. Last year (year 1 of 6) I blew the dust off of my Cricut and made these adorable treats for my son Brandon’s class.

I printed the cute little saying from  Avery for free (I already had the cardstock), the cute little sand shovels were purchased on Amazon , a bag of individually wrapped candy bars and clear treat bags were purchased at Target . I realized too late that my Cricut could have used a new blade but I made it work.  Total cost per treat: $2.47. They turned out cute enough and Brandon was happy.

This year (year 2 of 6) I panicked. I thought I missed the pre-school party.  As luck would have it, I sitll had 5 days. I thought I’d pop over to Etsy and buy some personalized chocolate bar wrappers but Brandon insisted that wouldn’t work because I just did that for his birthday.


Amazon Prime & Pinterest to the rescue!

I found the cutest little pre-packaged mini Gummy Bears on Amazon. (The only rule our school has is that any treat we send in needs to be pre-packaged) This is why I used an assortment of wrapped mini candy bars last year instead of some of the cuter ideas Pinterest had to offer. I created the treatbag toppers for free (again) at Avery using cardstock I had left over from Brandon’s birthday party last month. The bags were also left over but were originally purchased at Walmart. Total cost per treat: less than $1.00!!!

I had several bags of Gummy Bears left over so we’ll be changing the phrasing and making treats for our little cousins.

Check back on Valentine’s Day to see what cute little treats I have in store for the boys!







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