Swagbucks – Maximize Your Earnings

Swagbucks – Maximize Your Earnings

I LOVE Swagbucks!  I’ve been a member since September and haven’t paid for my Starbucks ever since. Now that I have another baby on the way, I’m cashing in for Amazon, Target, Paypal (and yes, still cashing in Starbucks) gift cards in an attempt to stock up on the necessities.

My issue is that as soon as I reach 500 SB points I want to cash them in right away… but I’m going to attempt to save them going forward.

I have found the best bang for your SB points (what points are called at Swagbucks) lately  is the $25 Amazon card. The first one each month is just 2200 SB points (after that they are 2500 SB points). You can add your Amazon gift cards to your Amazon account and purchase just about anything. I recently bought diapers.

Earning SB

Things To Do Everyday

When you join the website, you’ll see that you have a to-do list in the left-hand column under your “Daily Goal” bar. You should do all three everyday. The first one is to have the toolbar installed. Easy if you actually do have the toolbar installed, which I highly recommend you doing.

It only takes a couple seconds to answer your daily poll. You answer the poll and get one SB.

Under the poll, there is Daily Offers “NOSO”. It looks strange, but it’s really very simple. It stands for No Obligation Special Offer. A lot of these offers cost money and it’s really just like being reimbursed fully or partially for buying something. Fortunately, that’s not what they’re referring to here. Everyday, you get a “NOSO Path” that you go through and at the end, you get two SB. I just skip through all of them quickly and take my SB.

After you complete your to-do list (1-2 minutes MAX, other wise you’re doing it wrong), take a scan through the tiles in the center of the homepage with all the offers. You should see one that says “Today’s Survey” and is worth 60 SB. Do it. Everyday. It’s an excellent deal! Some days, you may not qualify or there may not be any surveys available, but when you do get a survey, it doesn’t take very long at all and is worth $0.60!

This next thing really isn’t a must, but I highly recommend that you pay attention to the “My Daily Goal” bar at the top of the left-hand column. If you reach it, then you get a few extra SB, paid out at the end of the month. If you consistently meet the goals, then you get even bigger bonuses! Here’s a chart to show you the bonus payouts you’ll get.

7 Straight Days
25 SB + Daily Bonuses
14 Straight Days
100 SB + Daily Bonuses
21 Straight Days
200 SB + Daily Bonuses
Full month
300 SB + Daily Bonuses
 That’s pretty good! Three extra dollars just for earning money? Sign me up!

Using Swagbucks Search

When using the Swagbucks search engine, you’ll randomly be awarded SB two to three times a day, depending on the use of the search engine.  Based on my experience, the amounts range from 3-15 SB per rewarded search. However, Fridays are Mega Swag Bucks Day. Sometimes Swagbucks runs contests and your searches can be worth a lot more. I just earned 34 SB just for searching for Game of Thrones fan theories!

Watching Videos

Watching videos is probably the easiest thing to do to earn SB on Swagbucks. You can earn up to 500 SB in a day watching unique videos on the computer by earning up to 3 SB per 10 videos, but if you have an iPhone, you can download the Swagbucks TV app which awards you 2 SB per 5 videos which is clearly the better deal. There are also several other advantages to using the app. When you watch videos on the computer, you have to constantly select the next video, but on the app, it auto scrolls! You can literally just leave it on the charger and play it all day long and rack up quite a few SB. If you need SB faster, just skip through all the videos after the ads play.  If you do decide to just leave the app going, be sure you have a strong internet connection. Otherwise, it’ll stop to buffer and you’ll have to manually restart the video. * A word of caution: make sure you are using your Wi-Fi and not eating up your data plan. (Unless of course you have unlimited data)

Playing Games

Yes, you can play games to win SB! Granted, you don’t earn very much and the games are of little to no actual value, but you can make quite a sum of SB if you can get really good at a game and enter tournaments for it. Also, if you have children, you could enlist them to help you play a few games in their off time.

Taking Surveys

Aside from the daily survey, you can also access more surveys by mousing over “Answer” and choosing “Surveys”. I recommend that you fill out all of the profiles that are relevant to you so you are offered more surveys to qualify for. My advice to you is to try and qualify for these surveys as soon as they become available. These surveys fill up FAST.


Swagbucks has its own “cash back” type service where you get a set amount of SB per dollar spent if you make the purchase through their referral link. I make it a point to check if they have the store I’m about to make the purchase at before I buy something. I replaced Ebates with Swagbucks because you get your points/payout much quicker.

Refer Your Friends!

I think that Swagbucks has a decent referral program. Refer friends to Swagbucks and you’ll get 10% of their earnings for life! That means if your friend earns 500, SB you’ll get 50 SB.

Enter Swag Codes

Basically, Swag Codes are these special codes that Swagbucks releases several times per day. They expire after a few hours and are usually worth 2-6 SB when you enter them. According to the Swagbucks website, they release them on their toolbar, blog, Facebook page, and twitter feed. I get notified via the tool bar and notifications on my iPhone so I seldom miss a Swag code.  I then log on and enter it right away.

Redeeming Your SB

The Rewards Store

Most of the items in The Rewards Store are gift cards worth exactly the exchange rate of SB (100 SB=$1).  I am very impatient and the second I have 500 SB I usually cash in for a Starbucks, Target, or Amazon gift card.

Rarely (especially after a large sum credits for a shopping trip) I will cash in 2,500 SB for $25 in Paypal credit and apply it towards my Paypal bill.

In my opinion, the best gift card to get is the $25 Amazon Gift Card. It’s an excellent choice if you shop at Amazon often for several reasons:

  1. It only costs 2,200 SB  right now so you’re saving 300 SB!
  2. When you follow the link from Swagbucks, you can get a few SB back per dollar spent
  3. There are tons of things to buy from Amazon!
  4. I’ll be stocking up on diapers for my new little one and then probably saving towards Christmas shopping. (If I can contain my excitement and not cash in at the 500 SB level.)


Swagstakes are really just like raffles with a little more swag. They can be very tempting with their large prizes and only cost a few SB to enter so why not? Well, the really big prizes with extremely low-cost are very popular and due to the amount of people entering, of course it’ll be really hard to win. Here are some tips and tricks to increase your changes at winning in Swagstakes.

  1. When they send you a message or an email about a Swagstake, DO NOT enter it. This means that everyone else also knows about it and even more people will enter it, decreasing your chances further
  2. Don’t enter a limited time Swagstake until right before it ends. Why tie up your funds sooner than later when you can use it for something else in the meantime? It doesn’t affect your chances of winning so it’s in your best interests to wait a bit.
  3. Only enter Swagstakes with prizes that you really want. Why make it harder for someone else to win the prize of their dreams when you don’t really want it yourself? It’s just basic etiquette.

Being a numbers geek I decided to add up just how many gift cards you could earn in one year if you were faithful to perform certain Swagbucks actions each and every day for 1 year.


Buy gift cards to your Favorite Retailers

MyGiftCardsPlus, powered by Swagbucks, offers electronic gift cards to hundreds of your favorite retailers. Your gift cards will be delivered electronically to your email within 1 to 2 business days or faster. Then earn cash back. With every gift card purchase you’ll earn valuable SB. 100 SB = $1. Sometimes more!

 Maximize Your Swagbucks Earnings

1. Do the daily poll

This takes all of 2 seconds to do and earns you one SB point per day: 1×365=365 SB points

2. Watch the SBTV App

An easy goal is 10 SB a day that is 300 SB points a month: 300 x 12 = 3600 SB 

3. Watch Videos

I think a good estimate is 30 SB points a day that is 900 SB points a month: 900 x 12 = 1080 SB points per year 

4. Do the NOSO daily

Each day you can do the NOSO it takes right under a minute to complete and is worth 2 Swag Bucks: 2×365=730 SB points

5. Referrals

If you try something and you love it you are going to want to tell others about it and Swagbucks is going to reward you for that. Currently you receive  10% of whatever your referrals earn (certain point earning actions only) for life.

I think a good estimate for an average person is 6  new active members a year. If those 6 members earn 2500 SB points a month –which isn’t hard– that means you would earn 250 SB per referral giving you a total of 1500 SB points per month from your referrals. 1500 x 12 = 18000 SB points 

6. Searching through the homepage or toolbar

This is my favorite way to earn because it is so simple. You need to download the Swagbucks  toolbar or make the Swagbucks homepage your homepage or do both (I do both). Then  use these for entering all your online searches and  you can randomly win SB points . Sometimes it is just 6 but I have one as many as 36 in one search (sometimes it is zero). On average I make 100 SB points a week just from searching.

100×52= 5,200 SB points

These are the quickest and easiest ways to earn SB points without a whole lot of thought and effort and at absolutely no cost to you!

You can maximize your earning potential by using the Swagbucks portal when shopping online but without spending money you could easily bring in per year.

  • Daily Poll = 365 SB
  • SBTV App = 3600 SB
  • Watch Videos = 1080 SB
  • NOSO = 730 SB
  • Referrals = 18,000 SB
  • Search = 5,200

Total AnnuaSwagbucks: 28,975 or $289.75 in gift cards. If you are cashing in on the $5 gift cards you’ll need to earn another 25 SB to equal $290 but you get the idea.

BUT if you shop and earn like I do and you take advantage of the $25 Amazon card for 2,200 points every month. You could easily knock a person or 2 off of your Christmas list with very little effort! If you put the effort in and spend time filling out surveys and meeting your daily goals every month, you can easily double your Swagbucks earnings!!!

And sometimes you can find really good deals!

For Example: Today I took advantage of the Swagbucks Kinsa Health offer for the Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer for free when you purchase it now for $19.99 + free shipping and earn 2000 SB.* Technically the 2,000 SB covers the cost so I got a cool new thermometer. And I cashed in 2,500 SB total for $25 Paypal credit (since this is the smallest denomination you can take in Paypal) in order to put the cash back in my bank account.

I also got 1,000 SB for signing up for the Dollar Shave Club. If I stick with it for another month I get another !,500 SB. I’ve been wanting to try it out and since  Swagbucks  was offering SB to sign up it was the perfect time!

I also take advantage of the MyGiftCardsPlus opportunity. I have a doctor’s appointment next Tuesday and we typically go out to eat afterwards. Applebees is offering 6% cash back. Since I’d be spending the money there anyway, I may as well purchase the gift card and get some of that money back!

$25 eGift Card $25.00 150 SB*
$50 eGift Card $50.00 300 SB*
$75 eGift Card $75.00 450 SB*
$100 eGift Card $100.00 600 SB*

Thanks for Reading!

I really hope you enjoyed reading through this article and that you’ve learned a lot from it. Go forth and earn from Swagbucks! If you have any questions at all, just comment on this article! I always appreciate some feedback. Happy earning!

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. Adding these links helps us keep the lights on , which makes it a lot easier to continue to share great opportunities as I discover them!


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