Troll Headbands

Troll Headbands

My Godson was turning 4 and my sister was planning a Troll’s Birthday Party so I whipped these up. I bought an assorted package of glitter tulle from Amazon.

*WARNING* You will have glitter EVERYWHERE. If you look closely at the picture above, you will see the glitter all over the table… and when you wear these… Yep, you guessed it. You will also be wearing glitter. Expect everything to get covered in glitter – the surface you’re working on, your hands, your face. It magically shows up in random places after that. Our dog sparkled for days… the cat disappeared in a cloud of glitter… it’s in my car 3 months later… If you don’t want to be shiny, you can always choose the regular non glitter variety. I picked this because it was cheaper. I guess I figured out why.

I also purchased the plastic headbands from Amazon.

Full disclosure: I had some left over tulle from the tutus I had previously crafted for my daughter that was incorporated into the headbands you see in the picture.

I spent just under $25 on my Amazon purchase and probably used roughly $5 from my personal tulle stash.

img_048212 headbands at just under $2.50 a piece. They were adorable and the kids loved them!

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