We Had a Girl!!!!

We Had a Girl!!!!

No one thought I could hold out. I insisted I didn’t want to know.
I don’t do spontaneous. I’m not big on surprises. I’m a planner by nature. I live by lists and survive on spreadsheets. But the biggest and best surprise I have ever had was when my doctor handed me a girl.

A GIRL!!!!

Baby Isabella

To be honest, I really thought we were having another boy. I was so confident that I left the nursery blue and unpacked all of our newborn baby boy things. We had a name for “him” already picked out. I was fiercely defensive when people would comment, “You really need a girl” OR “I hope you finally have your girl.” I think now a part of me didn’t want to hope or wish because a baby is a gift and I never wanted to feel disappointed or feel like anyone else was disappointed. It really bothered me.



But just in case… I thought we should have a girl name.  We argued over names for months. We even had the family weigh in. But in the end we laughed and said it was a pointless debate. We knew we would more than likely be welcoming a boy.


Baby girl after 3 boys

My doctor asked, “Do you see what you have?” And as she turned my squishy bundle over, I realized, something was missing… the little part that would make my baby a boy. I was a little confused at first. Then shock took over.  They handed me a little girl!!! A little girl that I didn’t know I needed. And oh how I need her! She completed our family. She has filled our hearts (and our house) with so much love, joy, and laughter. She is smart, she is beautiful, and she is a fighter. Thank God she is a fighter! She is going to need to be with two little brothers still at home to torment her!

Happy First Birthday Isabella, Warrior Princess! I can’t wait to see what you will accomplish this year!!!

Mommy, Daddy, Jayson, Brandon, and Jackson love you very much!

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