Zoo Birthday Party

Zoo Birthday Party

This was a tough year for our family… My sweet baby boy was born early after a pregnancy complicated by gestational diabtetes. Our family had also lost my beloved father-in-law due to cancer. We needed to heal and our newest edition to our family deserved celebration so I deferred this party to the “professionals”. The Pittsburgh Zoo did an amazing job! I ordered the food, the entertainment, and designed the invitations and the zoo handled the rest! Our guests were treated to zoo admission and some really cool zoo creatures up close and personal. It was difficult for me to hand over the reigns but at the end of the day I was glad that I did.

Zoo Cake


Nice to be Iced did an amazing job with the cookies!


eryone loved getting one on one time with the small animal/reptile show.

This was a super fun day for the whole family! We’ll definitely do this again.

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